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Preparing for IR35 Reform in the Private Sector
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Managing Off-Payroll (IR35) Reform


Preparing for Off-Payroll (IR35) reform in the Private Sector

It is widely expected that the rules implemented within the public sector were a test bed for extending to the private sector, meaning that private sector businesses will be responsible for determining the employment status of any PSC workers they engage.

The public sector was only given 6 months to get to grips with the IR35 legislation and the changes being made, as well as implement those changes which involved fundamental disruption to day-to-day processes.

The private sector however, is in a position to be much better prepared. As a recruitment agency or end user of a contracting workforce, there are several steps that need to be followed in order to ensure you are well equipped when changes come into place.





Prepare for IR35 Reform


How to prepare for IR35 reform in the Private Sector



The IR35 Audit is designed to advise you on the impact of the changes to ‘Off-Payroll Working in the Private Sector’ within your organisation and will review various aspects of your business.

Undertaking this work prior to the introduction of the legislation will provide you with detailed information to support discussions within your business when considering your ongoing compliance management strategy, and to present practical solutions to your clients.

We will assess your contractor business processes as well as the employment status of your off-payroll workers, providing expert advice in the format of an audit report and based on our years’ of experience defending IR35 enquiries. The report will include recommendations to ensure that your business can continue to operate successfully once the change in legislation is implemented.

Compliance Management


The off-payroll working rules require cooperation between recruitment agencies and end users in determining and applying IR35 status. For both parties, IR35 status is likely to be a new concept and businesses may not have the suitable resources in place for dealing with reform.

For UK businesses with direct engagements, the rules can be daunting and disgruntled contractors can pause projects, as was experienced in the public sector.

 The Qdos Status Review is a compliance management system and contractor testing service with a difference, which can be used for both agency-end user arrangements, and for direct engagements: 

  • Assessments are made by IR35 experts with nearly 20 years’ experience in the field
  • Includes communication channels between contractor, agency, and client
  • Ensures compliance with the rules for each party in the chain
  • Tax liability insurance is available to cover the risk for the relevant party

 The Status Review system reduces the risk of incorrect determinations and involves the contractor in the decision-making process, fundamental in reducing walkouts and disagreements in status decisions, whilst still maintaining the control and approval requirements for the end user.

Recruitment agencies are kept informed of the progress of assessments and ultimately informed of results via the system.




Get in Touch

If you would like to speak with someone at Qdos regarding IR35 reform and how it impacts your business, or the services Qdos can offer, please get in touch with Nicole Slowey on the details below.

Nicole Slowey - Operations Manager
Call: 0116 269 0992
Email: [email protected]




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    We have been continually impressed by their technical excellence and flexible approach to designing bespoke solutions for complex requirements. Steve Witts - Group Head of Tax and Treasury - Hays
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  • Customer Reviews

    They have provided us with an excellent service which has been of considerable benefit to our business and clients. Steve Witts - Group Head of Tax and Treasury - Hays
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The Company


About Us

Why Qdos?


We are the leading specialist on the IR35 legislation, completing over 150,000 status assessments and successfully handling over 1,600 status enquiries on behalf of contractors, saving them over £35million in tax. With two decades' experience specialising in IR35, Qdos were at the forefront of off-payroll reform (IR35 reform) in the public sector, providing fair and compliant assessment and support services to over 2,000 clients and agencies and ensuring over 9,000 contractors continue to receive fair assessment of their status.


Our History


Qdos started out as a tax consultancy firm in 1988, set up by ex-Revenue inspectors, and focussed its expertise on contractor tax with the introduction of the IR35 legislation in 2000. Qdos has now become a leading provider of contractor compliance services in the UK, recognised for many awards including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, and featured in the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’.

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